Saturday, January 26, 2008


Mr.Q had to drive across town this morning on an errand to a music store. He asked if I'd go along for company, and bribed me with a detour past my preferred LYS on the way home. Now, I'd have gone anyway, but I was hardly going to say no to a voluntary stop at the yarn store! (Besides, I wanted another look at the nylon project bags they stock - lovely idea, but at $25, a little out of my price range for a simple drawstring bag that I could make myself for under $5...) We left a bit later than intended, since he had to be at his destination by noon. But traffic wasn't too bad; no worries!

Until he missed his turnoff. I really, really try (and usually fail miserably) not to be a backseat driver, but I had to ask "Where are you going? This street doesn't go all the way across town."

"What are you talking about?" he asked, puzzled.

"Aren't we going to the music store in Kitsilano?"

Doh! "Right! Oops - I was just automatically heading to the yarn store!" he said, as he immediately corrected course.

Hah! Well-trained or what?!

Also, afterward he took me for an Aztec hot chocolate at our neighbourhood chocolate shop. Yummmmers! I think I'll keep him.


no-blog-rachel said...

Now THERE is a good guy. (Mine is too - when we were in MA last year he actually suggested we make a 50 mile detour to Webs on our way to VT.)

Mmmmmm....yarn and chocolate...

Rebecca said...

That is some seriously good training...☺ And hot chocolate...lovely!

Barb said...

My husband doesn't even know where the LYS is--but he always makes sure I get some time and a GPS to find a LYS when we travel together. And I really don't need him to know where the LYS is HERE because I don't want him showing up there and making people promise not to sell me anymore yarn until I knit a sweater. Which, I swear, I really am going to do one day.

No, really. Don't look at me like that.