Monday, January 14, 2008

Windy the Pooh & the Blustery Day

Holy moley, but it's blowing outside! Enough that I've checked to make sure the flashlight is where it's supposed to be, if/when the power goes out. (I just hope it waits till I'm finished baking!) Just north of our house - and I mean just north, by a few hundred feet - is Burrard Inlet - a narrow, fairly sheltered arm of the ocean. On windy days, it's often choppy and white-capped, but nothing too extreme.

Today, there were full-on breakers on the water, and with the wind blowing against the tide, it looked more like a section of whitewater on a river. Crazy! The weighted cat door, at ground level, behind a shrub, behind a hedge, behind the garage, is flapping around like mad. I'd go play outside in it, but I'm afraid of being blown away. Or brained by flying debris. So, maybe I'll just stay in for some warm cookies and milk.

In other news, I have officially stepped onto the path toward my life goal of becoming a Crazy Old Cat Lady. (For the family members saying just now "Goal? Becoming??!" may I point out that I am not yet old?!) Rabbitch has been kind enough to assist, by dyeing me some sock yarn to match one of the cats. Specifically, Singe's belly. This lovely, furry, lazy belly:

It's a wonderfully close match, but when I tried to take a photo, the yarn showed really blue. Since my goal is not to become the Crazy Smurf Cat Lady, I'll have to wait till I can figure out a better shot of the yarn. But trust me, it's fab. It will become a pair of b-day socks for Mr.Q, who is Singe's particular human. (I'm ruining no surprises by saying as much here, coz I couldn't wait to show him. He's very excited - really, he's a knitter's Perfect Husband: "Socks? You want to make me more socks? To match my cat? Yay!" Also, I used my Jedi Mind Powers to wipe the conversation from his brain, so he will forget about them anyway.)

Aargh! I have got to quit blogging while I'm baking! Cookies! Be right back...

Whew! Crisis averted. (I know you were all holding your breath with the suspense!)

Meanwhile, I had a funny kind of day today. I found myself being exceptionally chipper in front of my classes today. So much that I'm pretty sure they thought I was on something. Or was about to grow an extra head. Then again, those perplexed stares may simply have been because I was talking at the speed of light. That sonic boom thing, where you watch my lips move, and a few seconds later, you hear my voice....Ah well! It's good listening practice for the "real" world.

But really - it was over the top. I don't know why. It was a good day, but any more and I would have given myself cavities. Fortunately, I didn't. So now I can go give myself cavities by having some of those tasty warm cookies. Yum!


Anonymous said...



Rabbitch said...

Heh, didn't think you could keep the yarn a secret for long. Good try, though!

And now I want cookies ... if you tell me they were oatmeal raisin I'm going to cry.

Sarah, Grand-Dutchess of Serendipity said...

All I can say is, I am grateful my sisters aren't boring.

Anie said...

erin-you do beat all!
glad you survived the crazy howly winds...all i kpet hearing on the news last night was about some dumb window that needed to come down..and they were sending out experts.
weird place we inhabit eh!!

Rebecca said...

I think my students often think I am on something. People don't really get that excited about grammar, right? ☺ I also talk a lot about current issues, and get pretty into that. I could use some warm cookies, yum....

Barb said...

Oh, that's my favorite kind of cat! I mean, the look--nothing beats an orange cat for personality. But I just love the stripey tabby cats--they look so close to their wild ancestors or something. Man, I can tell how soft that cat is from here in Texas.

Don't mention cookies. Apparently, I am NEVER going to lose weight. Sigh.

=Tamar said...

Maybe it was the negative ions that build up before a storm; they're known to affect mood. But I get excited about grammar, too (usually annoyed, but that's excitement).