Thursday, January 10, 2008

If you don't kick your legs, you're in big trouble!

Jel and I had this crazy idea that it might be fun to go to an aquafit class at our neighbourhood pool on Tuesday night. The idea sounded great, right up till it was time to think about actually leaving the house. We did a fine job of talking each other into postponing it until tonight.

When we talked this afternoon, I think both of us were hoping that we'd have a repeat of the postponement. But neither of us wanted to be the one to pull the plug, so Jel picked me up as planned. It was raining. Hard. Miserable weather. Who wants to get more wet when it's like this? We could take that $5 and get a pint of Strongbow at our neighbourhood pub instead. Besides, we were both grumpy.

Well, Jel suggested, maybe we could just find the pool this evening. We were running a few minutes late, and might not get there in time anyway. Then at least we'd be closer than we got on Tuesday - baby steps! - and we could savour that pint of cider with a clear conscience.

Great plan! We found our way to the pool via the twisty side streets, and parked. Should we go in? Well, we could just go and sit in the hot tub. Then we'd actually have gotten into the water, and really started warming ourselves up to the idea.

(Can you tell we were totally stoked to be where we were? Yep, me neither.) We were debating the issue (Rock-paper-scissors to decide? But who'd represent the hot tub, and who the exercise?) right up to the ticket window.

Somehow, we found ourselves inside the dressing rooms...when we came out, the hot tub was pretty full. We'd just get into the pool for a few minutes and see how we felt.

Well. Then the instructor came out, and there was no turning back. He was hilarious. An odd-yet-effective combination of drill sergeant, and one of Scott Thompson's more flamboyant characters from The Kids in the Hall. He had us hooting like monkeys at one point. I don't think we stopped laughing for the first half hour.

(That was the point where I started getting water up my nose, and we all know how much fun chlorine in the sinus cavity is! Also, I was getting very tired. He gave us a really tough work-out.)

The hot tub afterward was very, very sweet. And now I am a raisin.


Rebecca said...

So I start to read your post about the aquafit class but am immediately distracted by the chocolate cake picture...that's more how my resolutions are going.

Jelaina said...

I am sore! I am so surprised at how sore I am... and even more crazy is that my arms/wrists are sore enough to make me knit slower! Imagine that.

I'm compensating by drinking more wine. =)

Barb said...

Oh, I wish I could go WITH you. I need something--a pint or some laughter or just a tough workout in the company of friends. Once I live in NY, will you let me come visit?

Okay, okay, I realize that sounds very stalkerish and you have no idea but that I might be some fat, sleazy carpet salesman from Hoboken. But in the event that...

Well, okay, I'll shut up. But you guys keep going and post about it, okay?