Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Adventures at the Lake

Mom & Dad took the kidlets & I out to Peckhams yesterday afternoon. Which largely consisted of Mom & Dad sitting in the shade, watching me in the water with the munchkins for most of the time. And then Mom thinking she could best me in a water fight. Ha! I laugh (and blow water through a beach noodle!) in her general direction!

A brief illustrated summary of the expedition...

And boy, did I need that cold beer when I got home!


Anonymous said...

aw! I miss them!! I can't wait for snuggles!!


Barb said...

Okay, so this whole bunch of posts--going back to near the beginning of July?

Make me want to be Canadian. (As if our current political administration didn't already make me want to do that but you know what I mean.) The beauty of Canada cannot be overstated.

What a good summer!