Monday, July 14, 2008

O, those wacky Terrible Lizards of Doom! (the series finale)

Whew! By mid-afternoon on Saturday, we were all a bit tired. After the museum, we went through Reptile World...mixed feelings about that one: lots of rescued snakes and lizards, and there seemed to be a conservation/education component to the whole thing. But. Animals in captivity, and rather dingy accomodations at that. Errrmmm. Yeah. As cool as the coral snakes and copperheads were (didn't get to hold the python - poop!), I could have done without and not felt that I was missing much.

Anyhoo. Some lunch to re-fortify ourselves, and we went off to do the one thing left on my wish list: Visit the World's Largest Dinosaur. Mom & I climbed 86 feet to the mouth. Cheezy, but fun. Mom, goofing off in the Jaws of Death:

You can't really see it well, but the same picture, from Dad's perspective below:

(There was also a pic of Dad taking our photo, but it was really, really bad.) I love the footprints in the water park below:

And the sock gets adventurous with Dino:

Last, but not least, a trip across the street to a gift shop for postcards and ice cream. And a little yarny close-up with the neighbourhood Allosaurus...Dinosaurs like knitting, too:

Maybe a little too much? Nom nom nom!

And that was that! Back to the campsite for a relaxing evening of knitting around the fire, playing dice, watching the moon come out...oh, yeah, and a bug bite on my eyelid that made me look like Quasimodo without the hunchback. Very attractive. So sexy that the nice man about to lock up the pharmacy at the grocey store let me in for antihistimines.

It were a long, hot drive home, but well worth it. Fun to go somewhere different, see something new - have some unscheduled R&R with the parents, away from the phone and computer and telephone and the busy-ness of daily life. So good, in fact, that we talked about doing an annual summer camping trip in lieu of Christmas...but more on that another time. My fingies are tired from all this typing, and I need a(nother) beer after 2 hours with the kidlets at the lake...much, much fun, and I got me a wicked sunburn.


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What a fabulous adventure! I love going to new places...need to travel!