Sunday, July 13, 2008

Me oh my, what'll I do? I can't find a dinosaur to eat me up!

So...Mom & Dad took me on an adventure to find one! It was a great weekend...I 'spect I'll have to break this into two or three posts, so here goes! We left Friday morning for Drumheller, in the Alberta first time in that corner of the country.

The majority of the drive (about 6.5 hours from Cranbrook) was nothing new - a familiar drive through the Rockies into the foothills of Alberta. But once we passed Calgary, it was a different story. I'm a mountain girl through and through, so hitting the prairies was quite an eye-opener. It felt very exposed, all that flat land and sky! But lovely - rolling hills, the bright yellow canola fields in bloom, watching the shadows of the clouds wander across the grasslands as far as I could see. (I did try for some photos, but they just couldn't capture it)

About 15 minutes or so outside of Drumheller, though, you get the first glimpse of the Badlands at Horseshoe Canyon. It's quite the mind-bender. There's no subtle grade in or out, just this huge gash in the otherwise flat prairie. It's stunning. And steep. The sock liked it:

It was very windy, too:

I had great fun taking pictures of Dad taking pictures:

And, of course, the ubiquitous self-portrait:

Then, on to Drumheller and our campsite. There are dozens and dozens of rabbits that live in the campground, including some very sweet babies:

They pretty much just run wild around the site. And judging from their numbers, they do seem to live up to their reputation for, well, breeding like bunnies.

We got the tent set up, rigged a tarp over the picnic table (great father-daughter bonding!) and settled in for the night. We were camped right next to a dike alongside the Red Deer River, and, looking out over the fence, we got our first glimpse of the celebrated residents of Dinosaur Valley:

Raawwrr! A good omen of the day to come. Saturday was packed with fun and adventure, and the tale will have to wait a bit. But here's a teaser (just for you, Jel!):


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