Thursday, July 3, 2008

Postcard from the edge...

Not much to report, really...Summer in the Kootenays is hot and languid, punctuated by the occasional spectacular thunderstorm that makes one think of Odin hosting a wild drum circle in Valhalla (and if they didn't have drums in Norse mythological times, please don't disillusion me!)...lots of mellow time with family and friends, but at that slow pace that's a rare treat. Long, lazy dusks, camping out in the backyard (and that damned woodpecker at 6:00 am!)

Some pics from the last few days, including ones that I didn't get around to posting with the last entry....

The Tickle Camel in full force (I think he still has the rug burns on his knees):

When that got to be too much, he switched gears - one kidlet on his shoulder and 2 or 3 holding onto his legs to be dragged across the floor (not sure of the status of their rug burns):

Meanwhile, Shiloh was serenading them with a song on her "upright bass" - one of Mr.Q's old guitars which he passed on to the niblings. It was quite an involved song, about how somebody was going to get hurt, but it was OK because they all had hands:

A lovely moment with Selah, all the more adorable coz last summer, she wouldn't go near Mr.Q:

In the morning, they wanted to play "that game" from the night before. "The Tickle Camel is too tired and sore," they were told. "Not that game! The one where you get a time out and have to go to bed without any supper!" Played with far too much enthusiasm, if you ask me!

Yesterday Mr.Q had to fly back to the coast. I get to stay a couple more weeks (O bliss!) We played hooky for the afternoon, took some sandwiches out to our favourite spot, Peckham's Lake (without the snow!) and baked in the sun for an hour. Home for dinner - Mom made T-bone steaks and banoffee pie (I get to eat the last piece tonight! Hooray!) Then I took him out to the airport, where we went around the corner for a bit of a snog and got busted by one of the Air Canada ticket agents...oops! (Well, OK, not really busted, but he sure did give us a funny look!)

Self-portrait, with freckles:

And he was off! A bit of a scare when Brigid kitty didn't come in last night or this morning, but she was there when he got home from work. The van's home, too, for a little less than we'd feared. Whew!

Now that I'm solo for a couple of weeks, I'm going to go cozy up with the new love in my life - the air conditioner. Or maybe stick my head in the freezer, at least till Mom comes along and smacks me for it. (Love you, Ma! Just checking for chocolate chips!)

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