Friday, October 3, 2008

Weird & Wonderful

The weird: I actually signed up for a hockey pool at work. Which is kind of hilarious, actually, since I watch a hockey game about....oh....twice every four years. When the Canadian teams (Women's, then Men's, by preference) are about to kick some gold medal butt at the Winter Olympics. But otherwise? Seriously, the way I do not care about hockey could one day lead to my Canadian citizenship being revoked.

So it's pretty funny that I got into this hockey pool. And just plain freaky that I actually stayed after work for an hour for the draft. What the hell do I know about hockey? Not a thing! But hey, I had first draft pick...wasn't going to let that pass me by! I'm getting a huge kick already, out of my team facing off against the Ice Warriors and the Crimson Canadians....ladies and gents, meet the Yarn Pirates. In pink helmets.

The wonderful (or at least, the pretty cool): I had a voicemail waiting on my cell when I finished class today. A rather sexy phone voice saying that he had got the wrong number, but couldn't hang up without telling me how cheerful my voice sounded, and he hoped I'd have a nice day too. Not in a creepy, sleazy kind of way, either - just cool, random friendliness.

I totally saved the message.

Also, I picked up the new Yarn Harlot book after work. And some fresh spaghetti and tomato-basil-parmesan sauce from Granville Island for dinner, since I was down there anyway. (A note to local knitters: Blackberry Books on Granville Island will happily special-order her book for you, if it's out of might take a bit longer than walking into Chapters, but you get way better service, and the satisfaction of supporting a local, independent bookstore. Plus it's right around the corner, literally, from the new Maiwa craft store with all the yarn. Ahem.)

So. I think it will be a night for pajamas and curling up with a new book. Even though it's technically Friday, it's kind of got that furry Sunday kind of feeling to it.

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yarnpiggy said...

Ok, so what did you get at Maiwa? ;-)

I just signed up for a hockey pool, too -- just the HNIC one, but still weird. So, who's the first-round pick for the Yarrrrrn Pirates?

And I'd totally have kept the message!

You coming out to play on Sunday?