Friday, February 20, 2009

By request

Life seems to be returning to normal...whatever that is. I don't think it means the same for us as other people, anyway. The latest episode of Life with The Quimbys has made for a busy week. Baby Bro came back from the Island and spent a couple days here before heading east to see the rest of the family and getting back to "real" life. (Again - Whatever that is.) We dropped him and his S.O. at the bus depot this afternoon. I was sad to see them idea when we'll see them again, and they're both cool people with good stories to tell. Perfect houseguests - it felt totally comfortable to have them around, not weird and awkward as it sometimes can when there are extra people in a small space. (Also, the panang curry was damned fine, and there's something to be said for coming home & finding the dishes magically done!)

Before they left, we managed to get them hooked on Firefly. It's good to know we're making a difference in the world!

Bagheera...had to go to the vet today for some minor maintenance and repairs. He's currently shut away in the Magic Room for the night. I anticipate great adventures trying to administer antibiotics, not to mention keeping him inside for 10 days. Woot. He had 4 teeth extracted, his fat lump removed, and his ear cleaned. Just his right ear - the left one was fine, but for some reason his right ear was full of dirt. (Don't ask me how. Mr.Q has started referring to the cats by rhyming nicknames - Singe, Whinge, and Unhinged. Guess which one refers to Bagheera?!)

Anyway, he's totally stoned and recovering on his own. I've set him up with lots of blankets on the futon, a placemat with his food and water dishes, his own litterbox under the desk...spoiled little beastie, he is! Well, I guess all those years of not needing to take him to the vet were going to catch up with us. (I just didn't expect it to be all at once!)

They sent us home with a dental care kit for him. Special food, a chewy treat...and chicken-flavoured toothpaste. Never mind the interesting dilemma (maybe I mean "life-threatening risk"?) of trying to brush a cat's teeth...who thinks of these things? It's the thought of chicken-flavoured toothpaste that blows my mind. And makes me feel a little queasy.

(Although...the potential for an April Fool's joke is unbelievably tempting!)

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