Sunday, February 22, 2009


Poor Bagheera has been having a rough couple of days. He isn't allowed outside for 10 days; the other cats are avoiding him; he hurts at both ends, what with the 4 teeth removed and the 2-inch incision on his hind leg. To make matters worse, he has quickly come to realize that the tasty dish of wet food is not so much a treat as a prelude to having vile medicines squirted down his throat. (We get to do this for 10 days, too. Fun!)

He seems to be in better spirits - and less pain - than he was yesterday. Also, he's been allowed out of detention, which has made him a little happier. Still, it can't be much fun to be him at the moment. He had a little snuggle with the laundry yesterday, and the look on his face says it all:

That is not the face of a happy puss! Poor guy. Mostly he's been sleeping on our bed, preferably mashed against one or both of us if we happen to be in it.

It's been lovely for the cuddles, but it's also been a little awkward with him taking over pillows or squashing his way between us. I think at one point last night, he was actually lying spread out over both of us. And of course, I didn't want to move and hurt his leg, so...guess who didn't get much sleep! This morning, I put him in the Magic Room with his breakfast. He ate half of it, and then as soon as he heard me at the door again, he went into hiding.

Subtle, isn't he? Note the look of surprise when we discovered his sneaky secret:

" did you know I was here?"

Thankfully tomorrow is the last day we have to give him 2 different meds in the morning. Right now, the A.M. dosing is a 2-person job. And he's already managed to lose a stitch. Also, he hasn't used the litterbox yet...which is not a cause for worry about his innards so much as a need to find out where he's going instead. Here's hoping it's just the basket of dirty laundry...

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