Sunday, February 8, 2009

Short & Sweet

This week's radio silence has been largely due to the arrival of my brother & his girlfriend, returning to Canada after 16 months in India & southeast Asia. They stayed with us for a few days before heading over to the Island to visit some other friends and family. We had a great visit, got to see Sis from the 'burbs twice in one week! (not having seen each other since Boxing Day, this was an extra treat) And it even happened that Mom was in town for a workshop, so we had a big, marvellous fambly dinner one night. But mostly, it's been the kind of mellow chilling-out that doesn't make for exciting blog posts, nor does it leave much time to do anything else. A great week, but of the "you had to be there" kind of experience.

I managed to book a day off work to hang out with them. Took them for eggs Benny at a local cafe, then for a walk down near Stanley Park & English Bay. We did see this guy up close, which was very cool:

Before I go, a pic of the intrepid travellers, for the benefit of fambly members who haven't yet seen them:

(I should have got a shot of him with both feet behind his head, but I was too mind-boggled to think of it at the time!)

And so life returns to normal (such as it is!)...heading off for a Rav get-together shortly, will post pics of knitting progress soon. (I can't wait to wear the new stole!)

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