Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday catch-up

Busy week, not much out of the ordinary to report. I should (of course!) be dealing with laundry, but I'm stalling with the excuse of needing to turn in my House Cup homework. The cats are sleeping on the couch behind me, and I am sorely tempted to join them. Yesterday was an early morning, and then a late night - playing tunes at a friend's house, with some wine and a fantastic honeyed-ouzo-like liqueur that he brought back from Mexico. So waking up this morning was a bit more...challenging...than usual. There was, perhaps, some over-indulgence last night. Probably spurred on by the frustrating incident which preceded our night out.

Yesterday, somewhere between calling me when he changed buses on his way home from work, and getting into the shower after he got home, Mr.Q lost his cell phone.

(Why yes, he did just put his last phone through the wash just a month or two ago, thanks for reminding me!)

We both went through all his pockets and usual hiding places - and even the clothes that had just gone through the wash & his lunchbox - twice. No luck. We couldn't try calling it, because the battery had died while he was on the bus. He even walked up to the bus stop to see if, by chance, it had fallen out of his jacket pocket when he got off the bus. Again, no dice. So we left the house discussing whether to wait till Monday and call transit's lost & found office - or just replace the damned thing today.


Well, at 4:30 this morning, I woke up to find Mr.Q kneeling by my side of the bed. With his cell phone in hand.

"It was hiding between the stacks of 45s on the kitchen table!" he announced gleefully. (Far too gleefully, considering I'd only been asleep 2 1/2 hours, and was definitely feeling an incipient hangover.)

"I keep telling you all those piles of records are a problem," I grumped. "See?"

"Nope!" he said, getting back into bed. "I think the two stacks of records acted as a teleporter and brought my phone back from wherever it was lost. Like my very own stargate! I wonder what else they'll bring me?"

Way, way too early in the morning to deal with this! (First thing he did when he got up was clear the records off the table. Smart man.)

He was also smart enough not to argue when I asked him to come outside and help me take pictures of knitted FOs...

The socks I started last July, and finally wove the ends in last Sunday:

The yarn is a tasty merino-silk blend from Enchanted Knoll, in the Sedona colourway. I can't wait to wear them!

I've also made some progress on my February House Cup homework, including a project for Defense Against the Dark Arts - the assignment was to create something related to my patronus. I figured the obvious patronus for me is a cat...but while cats have many abilities that I admire and would like to emulate (like....sleeping!) one thing I refuse to do is lick myself clean. Yuck. So I made myself another washcloth:

(Ummm...can I just point out my cleverness in finding a yarn that could conceivably be called silver? Since it's a patronus and all? Why, actually, since it's my blog, I guess I can point that out! Look! I made a silver patronus! Oh, the cleverness of me!)

I also had to get 25% of my Print O' the Waves stole finished by the end of this month, for more O.W.L. points...Here it is so far:

I think this equals over 20 inches in semi-blocked non-ramen-noodle lace, so I'm closer to 30% done. Which means it's possible I will actually finish by the end of next month. I sure hope so - I can't wait to wear this, either! A closer-up shot of the stitch pattern (and a bit truer to colour):

I guess I should get back to the chores now. Wah. But I'm bribing myself with an afternoon of knitting, after I finish. Considering how quickly the stole is knitting up (relatively speaking!), that's rather an effective bribe, truth be told. So. Mt. Laundry, here I come!


Barb said...

I've lost a sock. A hand-knitted sock out of the loveliest cashmere/merino that I can't replace. The pair was to be a gift for a friend going through cancer treatment and now I have to start bloody all over again. Which is okay, I love knitting but I'd like to get them to her SOON.



This is a big favor, but do you think maybe y'all could put those stacks of records back and try to teleport it to you?

Jelaina said...

Wow that is looking gorgeous! I can't wait to touch it in person. Ahem.

Mommylion said...

Wow. You made him dismantle a teleporter? And he did? That is love...

Love the silver patronus cloth! Cleverness mixed with gorgeous knitting skillz, perfect :)

Rebecca said...

Fabulous patronus...the stole is beautiful...should go knit...

Louisa said...

Oh darn! I was hoping I could use the Stargate to get back my missing fingerless mitt before I have to use the dregs of leftover yarn to knit a new one. I bet he'll never get the right configuration back again now...

Glad the cellphone turned up anyway!

Monica (aka monnibo) said...

Mr.Q sounds like my boyfriend (regarding Stargate & Farscape & etc.)