Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Being Thanksgiving up here in the Great White North, I thought I'd post about some things that have recently made me quite happy. I have come down with a wicked sinus cold, but I have the makings of hot toddies close by (and, in fact, the first toddy is half-way gone!) But I am still happy about a lot of things!

First, I finished these:

In Sanguine Gryphon's "Little Traveler" sock yarn, which was a joy to knit with, and is even better to wear. It was a Sock Summit score, and I have another whole skein (in a gorgeous orangey-red) to play with.

Then, I finally got the buttons placed on this beast:

My Rhinebeck sweater. I think it makes me look like Grimace; Mr.Q and my friends very sweetly disagree, but really? I don't care. I love it. It is warm, and comfortable, and the Cascade Eco+ washed up a lot softer than I expected. Also, that oak leaf panel stretched my knitting brain in ways I would never have anticipated. It's imperfect, and I don't care. I love it.

(Of course, it's warm and sunny again...19 degrees (Celsius) outside...I may never actually get to wear the thing. But I love it!)

We had a fantabulous dinner at my sister's place last night: whiskey-molasses glazed ham (Oh. My. Bob!) & veg, and I made this for dessert. (I meant to take pics, but it totally didn't last long enough. It's a really, really good thing it only made enough for a small-ish serving for each of us. Because I'm not sure I could have stopped until it was all gone, and any more would have been a bad idea! It was amazing.

But before dinner, I had some fun watching Mr.Q bond with the nephew-person over home improvements:

A good time was had by all!

Also, we got ourselves an early Christmas present on Saturday: tickets to see Leonard Cohen when he's here in December. If that's the only thing we do to celebrate the holidays, I think we'll both be more than ecstatic. Word on the street is that he still puts on an astonishing live show.

Now Mr.Q's out for coffee, while I sniffle around the house in my pink flannel nightie. He set me up with some chicken broth and juice before he left, and the cats are keeping me great company. (By which I mean: sleeping like the big fat lazy lumps!) And I have a million loads of laundry to do, and packing to start sorting out, because I leave in THREE MORE SLEEPS!

(Really, more like TWO MORE SLEEPS, coz I doubt I'll sleep much on Wednesday!) I'm rather a little excited. For Rhinebeck, of course, and especially to see some of the friends I made at Sock Summit last year. But also for the train up to Montreal, and a few days of solo-exploring there. I have taken planes and road trips alone lots of times, but always to meet somebody else at the other end. Montreal will be the first trip I've taken alone...I have a feeling it won't be the last! see how few clothes I really need for 9 make more room for more yarn!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!


Annie said...

Yay, purple sweater!!! See you Thursday! I'm off to do the happy dance, and maybe some laundry. :^D

Arctic Knitter said...

Happy Turkey Day! I *LOVE* the purple sweater - I think I must add it to my queue. Cascade Eco wool comes in purple - another must have. The Grimace reference made me laugh out loud. Truly - a fantastic sweater - you should be proud! Rhinebeck & Montreal - so jealous!

Rebecca said...

Did you really just share that recipe? Must try!

What should I ooo and awww over first? Lovely socks! But that sweater is fabulous! Your sweater knitting is so inspiring! love x millions!

And so jealous of Rhinebeck! I hope you have a fabulous time filled with yarn fantasies come true. ☺

Another Joan said...

Wisdom fr World Traveller Daughter: pack black and ship the rest! Have a grand time - the sweater is lovely.