Sunday, March 11, 2012

A conundrum

Friday night out was a leetle later than I'd planned, so most of yesterday was lost in a haze of sloth and napping. I'd love to say today is much more productive, but we were also out late last night, and what with the time change, well, I think today's a write-off too. I got as far as digging out a muffin recipe and turning on the oven before I realized that, although I wanted to eat muffins, I couldn't really be arsed to make them.

So I turned the oven off, put the cookbook away, and pulled out my knitting. In very short order I was reminded of one of the...shall we say, inconsistencies in my relationship with yarny pursuits. I'm working on a lace project, which is delightful. I love knitting lace: reading the charts, watching the ramen-like stitches pile up on each other, watching the pattern emerge, anticipating the magic of blocking....

What I don't love is the counting. Which is unavoidable in lace knitting. Bah! Maths. Somehow I don't think this was the use my teachers had in mind when they told me I'd need math in real life someday.


BethC said...

Sure they did!! I tell my students all the time, you have to learn this, it will make you a better knitter!

Mrs.Q said...

Beth, if my math teachers had been more like you, I would have been a much more enthusiastic student!