Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Thursday, Thursday

A sad coffee morning. I went to a different location of my favourite local cafe this morning, and it just wasn't the same. I missed the Cheers-like vibe, and frankly, the espresso tasted like the grind was off. Still, a crappy cup of their coffee is better than anything that Tim Horton's has to offer. I was accused of being a Coffee Snob by a co-worker, when I said this in my out-loud voice.

My response: "Well, duh! And, so?"

Took a picture of a tree trunk today that looked like an elephant's leg. Too lazy/tired to get it off my camera just now, though. Will post tomorrow if I can, or on the weekend.

Tomorrow may be a hiatus from the 30-Day thing. I have a hella long meeting after work, and I would like to actually go out on a Friday night, instead of going to bed before 9:00. So I'm giving myself permission to skip posting, if need be, with the understanding that I'll have to make it up on the other side. 

Picked up my newest new yarn from the LYS today. I'm tempted to wind it & cast on right away, but it's closer to bed-time than I want to admit. It will have to wait till Saturday, I suppose. A better chance I'll get the heel done on my sock-in-progess then, anyway, which bodes well for actually finishing the sock (& its mate) in a reasonable time frame.

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