Wednesday, March 7, 2012

mid-week murmers

A cold, grey day today. Coffee after work with a friend I haven't seen since Christmas, and her wee, just-walking lad danced with me to U2. He got annoyed that I wouldn't play the Gravity Game with him, but I got a cuddle full of baby curls all the same. Came home to a call from the LYS that yarn I ordered is waiting for me;  I wasn't expecting it for a few weeks yet. It's Yarn Week, I guess! Turkey soup & quesadillas for supper. Hooray for Tetris Freezer! It's getting a little sparse in there; time for another cooking jag or two.

(Spell check wants to change "quesadillas" to "quadrilles" and suddenly I'm thinking of Alice in Wonderland and mock turtles...)

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Annie said...

Another reason we are friends? Looking at the freezer like tetris. Last week antibiotic-free whole chickens were on sale CHEAP so I tetrissed FIVE of them into my freezer! LOL! And yes, tetris is a verb.