Friday, July 27, 2007

(Insert Clever Title Here)

I finished Harry Potter in two evenings...and am feeling quite self-righteous (and if I'm really honest, a little disappointed!) that I didn't call in sick on Tuesday in order to finish the book. I am rewarding myself by re-reading it, since I tore through it so quickly that I'm sure I missed a lot of important stuff. Thankfully, one of my co-workers has just finished it, so we can talk about it with each other. Quietly and cryptically, so as to avoid giving anything away!

This weekend, Mr.Q's away for some shows in Gibsons, for their Sea Cavalcade festival. He was a little sad that I couldn't come with him, but someone needed to stay home and monitor the cats (who are doing much better, thanks, but still need an eye kept on them, so that I'll feel confident leaving them with a cat-sitter when we go away for ten days next week.) So...I'm going to take advantage of a weekend flying solo! Go get my hair done, do a little shopping, maybe catch the fireworks downtown tomorrow night.

As lovely as a sunny weekend on the Sunshine Coast would be, listening to music and looking at boats and hunting for rocks...A weekend to myself is infinitely more appealing at this point! I love my job, I do, but being "on" for people all the time can be just the teensiest bit draining. And the prospect of a couple days to myself to recharge is just divine.

I think I shall go start by excavating that last "saved-for-a-special-occasion" Strongbow cider that's hidden at the back of the fridge. And then go back to Harry!


Anna-Liza said...

I've read it twice now--for exactly the same reason! I tore through it so fast the first time that I needed to go back and savor. Besides the fact that I still have no one to talk about it with!

Rebecca said...

I am almost through book 5 - so slow this round! Can't wait to read 7 - I hope you had a fabulous, quiet weekend.