Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bloody rickin' frackin' stoopid crocodile-heads

I was really looking forward to blogging this week. I've been saving up some posts for awhile, waiting for this week to unleash upon you a major gush-fest about my fabulous, super-talented, rock-star-in-the-making husband. His band is releasing their 3rd indie CD this week, and it's good. And they're actually getting some press. And college radio play (debuted in the top 30 on one listing; top ten in another! Woo hoo!) They were featured in a paper with province-wide distribution. They have a release show this weekend, and an initial short tour planned for later in the spring. Not quite the cover of the Rolling Stone, but still pretty cool for a bunch of musicians from small-town BC.

However, there are some internal "issues" (to put it mildly) that look very well like they mean the end of 5 years of hard work. Right now, we're just hoping they make it to their show on Saturday, never mind anything past that. I really, really want to vent in detail, but I am going to spare you, Dear Readers, the sordid details. At least for the moment. And I'd prefer to spare Mr.Q the repercussions of an ill-advised display of snarkiness, at this point in the game.

But it's really, really hard to keep my mouth shut when I see how frustrated and sad he is. I think I'm losing even more sleep over it than he is. I just want to go charging in, brandishing my knitting needles, and slap some people upside the head. But I can't. And prolly my getting arrested for assault with a weapon (would the needles be considered "deadly"?) would be the last straw for Mr.Q just now. If y'all could send him some happy thoughts this weekend, he sure could use them.

(I am, of course, hoping this latest crisis will blow over....and though it seems highly unlikely this's still pretty cool to have the rockstar-of-the-week in my house. Doing my dishes. And, well, you know. All the benefits of being a groupie without the plaster casting. Never mind. Ahem.)


Jeanne said...

Eh, this is typical of bands. Right on the brink of major success, tension erupts. In my former bands, it seemed as soon as the band photos were printed, somebody quit... or we got a song recorded, and somebody quit... or we got a gig opening for a bigger band, and somebody tries to quit (but we convince him to stay until after the gig)...

They need to sit down and go back to the facts, and remember what their vision was to begin with. Then they should be able to work through tension and petty issues. My fingers are crossed for them!

Rabbitch said...

Well ... crap.

Good thoughts heading in your direction.

Sarah, Grand-Dutchess of Serendipity said...

Ferd is an enormously talented musician and no matter who he is alongside, the adoring public will recognize where the entertainment charisma is coming from. No one else I know is such a talented basist AND tickle camel.

Barb said...

I am sending as many good thoughts and positive vibes as I can to Mr. Q. I was married to a musician--a very nice musician who really should have just been my brother--and the band break-ups were always just incredibly brutal. I hope everyone takes really deep breaths and remembers how much less of a world it was when the Beatles broke up.