Thursday, February 14, 2008

In the land down under

Jel took me out last night for a consoling hot chocolate and some knitting-in-public - a combination guaranteed to improve my outlook on life in general. As we were getting close to the coffee shop, she asked me to keep my eyes open for parking. She noted that every time we go to this particular cafe, we seem to end up in the same parking space, next to a now-defunct nightclub/exotic show lounge.

"Yes," I agreed. "We generally have good luck around this corner, in front of Uranus."

Dead pan faces for just a moment, before we dissolved into giggles.

I'm moderately embarrassed to admit just how entertaining we found that notion. I guess it's a good indicator if just how much I needed a good laugh - and what a great pal Jel is! - that the joke kept going all night.

"Easy to remember where the car's parked!"

And: "Look! A lucky penny! I found it right around the corner from...."

And so on. I think we freaked out the barista with our snickering. I do think that's one of the litmus tests of a true friend. Not only will they share their wine (and whine) and cheese and chocolate and honesty and compassion and knitting patterns with you. They'll even devolve into potty humour when needed.

I was in a much lighter mood when I came home. And the car was right where we left it...And I have to say, that is the worst name imaginable for an "exotic show lounge"!


Rabbitch said...

Perhaps it catered to a niche audience.

Rabbitch said...

That wasn't a double entendre. You have a filthy mind. (I approve).

PICAdrienne said...

One of the differences between friends and 'true friends.' Friends want to make you laugh, true friends go for the snort.

I actually saw a version of that on a greeting card once. Potty humor, going for the snort, same idea.

Rebecca said...

yarn, coffee, great doesn't get better