Saturday, February 9, 2008


I think I've just figured out how to get the photos from my cell to the internets to my blog....whew! The phone doesn't take the greatest pics, but as a I don't have to worry if I forget my camera! Many's the time I've seen something really cool, or funny, or crazy (like the giant moose in the yarn store awhile ago) and smacked myself for not having the camera. Even when I intended to bring it along. So! Now I can be a better blogger. (And beat some butter for better blogger batter...) (Don't mind me. I'm not sure if I had too much sleep last night, or not enough. But there's been a lot of coffee so far, and no breakfast yet, and the caffeine has rather gone to my head....)

Anyway, here's one of the first photos I tried to take with my phone, the day we got them. (I am addicted to blogging...the first thing Mr.Q did was set up his voice mail and transfer his contacts from his old phone - very sensible - but I wanted to figure out the camera so I could use it in the afore-mentioned situations...just doing my geek dance now!)

It's so very 21st-Century: going at his cellphones like a gunslinger with a pair of 6-shooters. The cats, as you can see, found it quite fascinating.

Anyway! Off to get the day started...It's the CD release show tonight, and here's hoping it goes well. I think some of my students are coming out for it - a little weird, but cool. There are new T-shirts and everything. Mr.Q even went and got his ears de-waxed at the clinic this morning, in preparation. I guess he figured a hair appointment or a manicure wouldn't rock his socks.

(Apparently 15 years of wearing earplugs almost daily, on job sites and at shows, will compact the stuff. He had one ear almost totally plugged. Eeeeew! I guess it had affected his hearing even more than he thought, coz now he's walking around listening to flies sneeze or some such thing.)

And now that I've got the phone-camera worked out, maybe I'll be able to Kinnear some local rock-n-roll hot shots tonight. It's good to have goals.


no-blog-rachel said...

Ok, do you have a smallish husband or giganto cats? Or is it just the perspective? They look huge! :)

Congratulations at achieving the photos enough to warrant a geek-dance.

no-blog-rachel said...

Damn, I just can't get over the size of those freakin' cats! I'd hate to hear one of them jump off the 'fridge. Or step on my toe. Yikes.