Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sex, lies, and audiotape

Well, there was a brief flirtation this week with the notion of trying to sort out conflicts within the band. Very brief. It has quickly been replaced by mudslinging of the most vicious, immature kind. Of course, the two responsible for it have managed to catch Mr.Q squarely in the crossfire - and apparently in such a way that they have both managed to squirm out of being called onto the carpet for their actions, past and present, which have culminated in this mess. And in such a way that looks like the end of one of his oldest friendships, with the fourth member of the band.

Is Mr.Q totally faultless? Well, I suppose he could have called "bullshit" a long time ago, either ending it before it escalated to this point, or possibly (thin hope!) of nipping some stuff in the bud. Really, though, from my perspective, he's been used as the buffer/filter for the dysfunctional relationships among his bandmates.

I am really going to try to refrain from posting much more about this. And from posting certain details of the situation which aren't mine to tell, however much I think they need to be made public. Possibly, I may explode from that effort. I shall endeavour to make sure I am nowhere near any unprotected yarn if that happens. As per Barb's advice, I am going to try and console myself with the pretty new yarn and VERY large chocolate bar that I got in the mail yesterday from a sock-yarn-swap partner. And maybe just a swig of tequila. (As for your suggestion, Rabbitch m'dear, as far as the angst goes - as soon as the papers are signed here, I plan on avoiding any more of that for rather a while, if I can! I 'spect more of the tequila may help there.)

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry that Mr. Q got caught in the crossfire! not surprising tho - nasty people are very good at slinging mud away from them to usually the nicest people. If they weren't, they would have quit being nasty a long time ago. Give Mr. Q a hug from me - and one to you too.