Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me....

I haven't had much sleep the last week, so when I got home from work yesterday, I thought I'd have a nap. My plans were thwarted, quite soundly:

What the picture fails to convey is the windshield-wiper action that was going on with the tail. Also, Mr.Q's sadistic delight at my discomfort. However, the picture clearly shows who's the boss of me. And I've had that stoopid Monty Python song in my head ever since.

I have garlic roasting for supper, to be spread on a baguette, which will in turn sop up the baked brie-and-blackberry-jelly I am about to put in the oven. The occasion? I'll illustrate, with a little gratuitous nudity:

The First Day of Naked Feet!

(edited to add an after-dinner-note-to-self: However extravagantly jubilant the occasion, keep in mind that an entire (large) head of roasted garlic just might be a little too much for one person. I'm just saying.)


Rabbitch said...

Dammet, you are tempting the Weather Gods!

I'm going to have to sleep in a parka, a burqa, some mukluks and possibly even a felted teddy made out of something horribly itchy (Noro, anyone?) for the next week to make up for your reckless behaviour.

If I have to break out the hat-with-earflaps-and-cheery-jingle-bells I'm coming after you.

Remember, I know where you live. And I have your yarn.

Jeanne said...

Oh, that picture of the cat is too funny. Reminds me of my move home from LA 20 years ago with my Dad (who would've been 90 today) and my cat Vince (RIP). When we stayed overnight in a hotel, Vince decided that my Dad's bald head was the perfect place to curl up next to, much to my Dad's amusement.

Anonymous said...

My feet were naked yesterday too......and it looks like they might be again today=)


Sarah, Grand-Dutchess of Serendipity said...


One head of garlic is just fine for a person. It's people like you who fuel the garlic haters. :P Plus I am mad at you for wearing sandles and flaunting it. Cruel. That's all I am saying.

Rebecca said...

The weather here just can't decide - isn't it too early for bare feet weather? I want some snow! Your cat cracks me up. But then, cats generally amuse me.