Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nature Walk

Yesterday, of course, it rained again. Apparently June so far has been comparable to last November. November. Yech. And poor Mr.Q has to work outside. It wouldn't be so bad, except that somebody with sticky fingers walked off the job site with his rain gear. Poor guy had to fix a broken downspout yesterday. He came home a little damp:

Because Mom was in town again for work, he had just enough time to have a hot shower and get into dry clothes before we had to head out in the rain again. (I'd feel just the teensiest bit more sorry for him if he would wear his rubber work boots and at least keep his feet dry. Or use an umbrella. But no, he has to be all manly and stubborn. Dinglefritz!)

Mom took us out to a very tasty Mexican restaurant close to her hotel for dinner. It was a place I'd been once before, years and years ago, and I remembered it being really good. So I was both excited and a little nervous - much can change in a decade, and it wouldn't be the first time my expectations and remembrances were met with disappointment. Fortunately, this was not one of those times. Dinner was excellent, the service was friendly, Mom & Mr.Q didn't gang up on me as much as they usually do. Also, it was very warm inside!

Mom's hotel was also near Lost Lagoon. She mentioned she'd tried to find it, but couldn't. Well. The rain had let up, and a brisk walk would be just the thing after dinner. Also, the lagoon was only 2 blocks away. So we took her on a little sightseeing stroll. As we got to the park, a young couple with a bag of bread showed up to feed the birds.

The birds responded enthusiastically:

Mom got in on the action, doing her best duck-walk:

These birds were obviously used to humans. So much so that they assumed, since we were all just standing around, we must also have food for them. Swans? They are big birds!

When we escaped the ravening hoards, we went exploring through the rhododendron garden. The rhodies were pretty. But I was fascinated by the Tyrannosaurus Rhubarb, all huge and spiky:

And on the walk back to the hotel, another sight of freakish foliage - I have no idea what these are, but they look like candy corn.

By this time, the rain had started up again, and it was cold, so we said our goodbyes and headed home. We were lucky and caught our bus right on time (would have been a 30-minute wait if we'd missed it). I actually put an extra comforter on the bed last night, and the mountain of cats was even more welcome than usual.

Shameless plug: If anybody's looking for something to do around 8:00 (PST) tonight, Mr.Q's band The Gentle Infidels is playing live on one of the local campus radio stations...a show called "Melodies in Mind" - you can listen on the 'net. I may or may not tag along and hang out at the radio station while they do it...there's a chocolate knitting meet-up tonight, which is stiff competition...As in, a meet-up at a chocolate shop, not knitting chocolate. Though that could be interesting. Anyway. It's also fun to hang out in the studio - "yah, like, I'm with the band" - and watch the radio show in progress. I did a work study at CJSF when I was at school, so I have fond associations with the place. Though that campus in the rain, with all that concrete, is Depressing. Whereas chocolate and yarn are not. Hmmm. Tough decision....)


PICAdrienne said...

Wow, a plant I can identify! You will laugh when you see the name, Red Hot Poker. Yeah, just what it looks like.

Sue said...

You were in my neighbourhood again! :)

Dinglefritz?!?! LOL I love that.

Rebecca said...

Is the band back together? Or is this a different band?