Friday, June 6, 2008


After I posted yesterday, I spent the day not-so-secretly hoping that Mr.Q would come home, get upset with me, say "No, no, that's not what happened. You missed something important." I was half-composing sheepish, embarrassed posts admitting that I'd made a mistake, my MIL hadn't just arbitrarily decided to destroy the cat, so sorry that I upset everybody. Planning what I could do to make it up to Mr.Q for so unfairly maligning his mother. I just wanted so much to be wrong.

Well, there was one piece of information he hadn't shared with me the night before. And I'm glad I didn't know it, or I would have been much less kind yesterday. Seems that MIL had written it into her will that, if she died before Angel, the cat was not to be adopted out, but to be put down with her. Regardless of his health, potential life-expectancy, and the availability of willing family members to take him on. None of that mattered - euthanize him.

Ummmm....Egyptian pharaohs aside - is it just me, or does that smack of a rather psycho-stalker-ish "If I can't have him no-one can"?

I am so, SO biting my tongue right now. I keep thinking there has to be some kind of karmic lesson here...tolerance, compassion, yada yada. The thing is, when she treats people that way, it's a little bit easier to bite my tongue and be all evolved and stuff in my reaction. Or at least, keep my mouth shut in her presence. Because people at least have a chance to stand up for themselves, whether or not they choose to. The cat, not so much. If there is anything we can do to discourage her from ever having another pet, we'll try our damnedest.

Mr.Q was so sad all day yesterday. He did ask me for one thing: to please post something about loving cats. So. Here are some pics of our very adorable, much-beloved fur people this week, keeping themselves busy in the rainy weather, complete with close-ups of their furry tangled-up feet:


no-blog-rachel said...

Looking at those cute kitty paws makes me feel a little better (not about your MIL, it was just kind of comforting). Though considering the size of your cats, they're probably fuzzy lethal weapons, aren't they?

Cin said...

OK, I had to backtrack and read the prevous day's post, go drink my tea and THEN come back to comment.

But srsly, I've got no words. Lots of exclamation points though. Poor kitty! Not baggage! Not schtuff!. They're beings that deserve respect and dignity...

Your kitties though - I just wanna pet them - they look so happy!

Joan said...

As a woman with the most wonderful of mothers-in-law and two lovely cat companions, words fail me. But at least that woman got one thing right: Mr. Quimby!

Syd said...

Such peaceful fur filled kitty love!

Can't help it though, I am still mourning poor Angel.

And that brings me to a personal little crusade of mine...I have an aquaintance that is an elder lady, has 2 kitties and has been worring that she will pass before they do..there are a lot of folks out there like her...alone except for their Fur-faces...well I promised her that I would adopt her babies when she passes, she has given my phone number to her lawyer and he is to contact me when it is time...I visit her and her babies so they at least know who I am..yea I already have a house full of cats and dogs...but what is 2 more, and orphans at that?! If folks could find it in their hearts and homes to include an adoptee and give an animal loveing elder peace of mind, please consider this...I can't tell you how much this has helped my friend, she just may out live her babies now!

Rebecca said...


Rebecca said...

Your kitties are so happy!