Sunday, December 14, 2008

Checking it twice....

  • *"Away" knitting finished & sent off - check
  • *Cookies for cookie exchange done - check
  • *Secret Santa gift ready to take to work - check
  • *Christmas cards - a qualified check - I have to try & buy stamps tomorrow (wish me luck!)

I even get to cross Mr.Q's gift off my to-do list, since he's informed me that all he really, really, really wants is to see Ravi Shankar in May, so we booked his ticket today.

(So now I have that "I'm too organized, what am I missing?" voice in my head....)

But - it snowed last night! Not much, and thankfully on a weekend, thus minimizing the transit/traffic snarls that inevitably follow a snowfall out here. Still - it's cold enough that it stuck, and there are a few gimpy, malnourished snowmen around, and the mountains were struck with that pink-gold alpenglow at sunset, and now it really, truly feels Christmassy.

Bit of a Ravellers' gathering today, sharing some tasty food and mulled wine and conversation, as well as moral support while we plowed through gift knitting. I almost didn't go - still feeling the Monster Cold, and I was pretty tired - but though I was very quiet and non-productive, it was good to be with my peeps for an afternoon. Home again, it feels way later than it really is...a busy week ahead, I'll have to keep on top of this cold so I don't crash at the end of the week and spend Christmas sick! Maybe I should go get proactive with some of that *ahem* medicinal rum in the cupboard....


yarnpiggy said...

Ooooh, Ravi Shankar? Too cool. :-)

Oh, and you've been tagged:

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Ravi Shankar!! You have to post pictures of that!!!

Sue said...

I've been so busy and missing all the blogs I want to read. Oh I did not like that snow we had but I'm glad someone did. heh heh
I hope your cold is better.

Have a wonderful holiday!