Monday, December 8, 2008

Zoom zoom zoom!

Cell phone is officially dead. Hopefully Mr.Q will have time to pick up a new one this week. I think he misses it. He borrowed mine a couple times over the weekend when he was running errands, and he called me every 7 or 8 minutes while he was out. (Maybe once it was 12 minutes between calls....)

My Very Fabulous Baby Sister has offered us her "old" camera - yay! (You should pop over to her blog and check out the video of the Kids' Christmas Dance from her church party...My nephew is the wee laddie in khaki cargo pants and glasses, with the awesome sense of rhythm. He obviously gets it from his aunt.)

(His other aunt, more likely!)

Finally starting to feel the Christmas spirit. (The first rum-and-eggnog of the season may have had something to do with it.) I suspect it will always feel weird without snow. But the neighbourhood lights are starting to come out, and people are humming Christmas music under their breath. Seems a lot of people are having a lower-key holiday this year, and the consensus is it's nice. (often said while heaving a huge sigh of relief!)

We'll be staying here again, having dinner with my Sis in Langley. I've got 2 weeks off, and plan on spending as much of that time as possible in my PJs. I'm starting to feel the itch to knit socks again. There are bath salts that need using up. Those important things. (Like - re-reading the Harry Potter series, as I seem to have signed myself up for the Knitting/Crocheting House Cup in 2009. I do hope I get sorted into Ravenclaw. Though Slytherin might be fun, too!)

(Yes, I'm a geek. Your point?)

Oh, and there was a rat behind our fridge. Good times. We caught it and Mr.Q took it far, far away from the house. (We figured it would be faster to catch it tonight, if we could, than set traps and wait for FSM knows how long, all the while hoping the cats - who are so fired! - didn't get their paws caught.) I think it was only inside for a day or so. The space behind the fridge has never been so clean or sterile as it is now! I'm really, really hoping this was a one-off, that it got in when Mr.Q left the door open for a bit on the weekend. Coz the weather's getting quite cold, and there's new construction just down the street. And we happen to be the closest house.

Yeah. Good times.

(How's that for completely random, plotless posting? More to come, I hope!)

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yarnpiggy said...

Glad you signed up for the House Cup! Hopefully we'll both be in Ravenclaw. :-)

I just saw a news story on CBC about your neighbourhood lights -- apparently they're threatening to make this the last year if people insist on driving, rather than walking, the route. "Use your feet to see our street" is the motto.

(So when should we do it?)