Thursday, December 11, 2008

You told me so?

When I learned to knit socks, people told me that turning the heel would be soooo hard. But I love it - it's like a little bit of yarny magic every time I do it, and it never fails to amuse and amaze me.

People kvetched about Kitchener stitching, too, how finicky and painful it is. But I don't mind it one bit. I think it's a cool little bit of sleight-of-hand, how eveything looks all tidy and seamless.

Picking up stitches? Not my favourite, but it's OK. You say you hate weaving in ends? Oh, suck it up. It's not that bad. It just means a project is this close to being finished! It's a little ritual formality to mark the transition from UFO to "frack yeah, I rock!"

So when I heard people complaining about seaming, I assumed it would be much the same. I mean, I can sew decently when I put my mind to it, and I don't mind it. Really, how bad could it be?

Yeah, well.

It blows. It blows stinky, smelly, goats. Not even cashmere ones.

And no rum left. Sigh.

(It might not seem so overwhelming if I wasn't so bloody SICK, thanks to all those diligent students who insist on coming to school and hacking their nasty germs all over the place. Stinkers. Poor me.)


Anie said...

Anie and I partook your bloggity blog together and giggled muchly.

Love you! Sarah

=Tamar said...

It's just a basting stitch, sort of a sideways kitchener effect. Unless there are slants and curves involved, then it's sewing. On the other hand, a friend of mine always sewed her handknit sweaters together with the sewing machine; she said the seams lasted longer that way than when she hand seamed them.

yarnpiggy said...

Dude, I totally told you so. And any sane person would need to be on life support not to hate it, as far as I'm concerned.

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. May you get better very soon.

As for seaming, you're right. It blows chunks. That's why I don't knit sweaters (well, one of the reasons). I'm purely a sock knitter anymore. I love how the heel suddenly turns into a little pocket, how the toe just turns into a completed toe cozy, and how many wonderful and beautiful patterns there are for them.

Besides, if I don't sell or use my stash pretty soon, Hubster is going to bust a gut.

Rebecca said...

Must be the lack of rum and the sick - hope you feel better soon! What are you seaming? I think I am out of touch...