Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow day...a leetle bit

Well, we had the first snow of the season here today. The snowfall lasted about 45 minutes, nothing stuck, and then it turned into a very cold rain which continued all day. Yucky, true, and no snow-day-in-PJs for the Quimbys...but those few snowflakes did the trick, I think. It finally feels like the Christmas season. Up until about 8:23 this morning, I just wasn't feeling it. But now - now I feel festive and celebratory.

That could have something to do with the rather large bottle of amber rum that sort of accidentally came home with me today. Which will shortly transmogrify into a hot toddy. With lots of honey and nutmeg.

Still feeling gross - thanks for the get well wishes! - but I can lay low for most of the weekend and rest up. (Also, did I mention the rum?) I'm not sick enough to knock me out. Just enough to make me a little crabby and sorry for myself. It's the first bug of the season, and I'm a big wuss.

I have got as far as taking the box of Christmas stuff out of the closet (it's still sitting on the desk in my Magic Room) and buying Christmas cards. Mostly I've been plowing through the "away" knitting, which needs to be finished by tomorrow. And probably won't be. Most of it has been washed, blocked where needed, and is ready to go...but a couple pieces are still damp, and I've got one UFO yet. We'll just see if that medicinal rum helps with the finishing tonight! (I want to take pictures, but the camera is definitely toast. Not that I could post them till after Christmas anyway...bah humbug!)

I'm hoping to get Christmas cards done up & mailed this weekend - good pajama work - and baking done for the cookie exchange at work on Monday. I also have a secret santa to find something for (knitting would probably give it away, non?) and a Ravelry knitters' "do" on Sunday.

Maybe not such a lazy weekend, after all! But (hopefully) fun and festive. I have to say - as busy as this weekend looks in print - this low-key Christmas thing is definitely preferable to facing hoards of ravening mall rats and screaming devil children with pointy sticks. And I have a two-week "staycation" (to borrow that very useful term from Rachel!) to look forward to, starting next week.

Woot woot!


yarnpiggy said...

I totally slept in and missed the snow! Trying to get festive by finally doing my cards tonight. :-)

Do you and your chocolate haystacks want a ride on Sunday?

knitpixie said...

Did you get the monster cold too? I've been down with it all week.

Rebecca said...

Started my baking and that made it feel a bit more festive. We haven't had much snow, either. I guess they used to get a bunch here, but not really anything recently. Looking forward to the school break, as well ...although it won't be a "staycation."