Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow day for really! (sort of)

Well, there wasn't enough snow this morning to cancel classes...but there was enough by lunchtime to send us all home early! Best of both afternoon playing hooky, without losing a full day's wages. Woot! I gave my students detailed instructions on how to make the best snowballs (go softer for spatter, for better effect!) and how to make snow angels. I was able to get a couple crucial-but-piddly Christmas errands done downtown before coming home. I walked home from the bus and made the first impressions on untouched snow. There's something so satisfying about that, the shush of the powder across my shoes.

(I don't have boots. I haven't been able to find any that work for me. Maybe, as my hiking shoes are fairly water-resistant, I'll just give into the urge to geek out and get a pair of gaiters.)

There's nobody home upstairs, either, and everything has that muffled air to it that comes with a heavy snowfall. (And yes, all you who would mock us West Coasties, there is actually a fair bit on the ground, so put that in your snow shovel and, well, shovel it!) There's eggnog in the fridge that I'm pondering heating up and spiking with some of that rum. I'm in my PJs, debating whether to wash some dishes, or curl up with the cats.

Any bets on which I'll end up doing?


knitpixie said...

hmm, wishing I had some rum to put in warm eggnog but I think some kahlua will do nicely too. I'm going to curl up with some sweater knitting. Given that I'm visiting the east coast in January, I should be getting used to this.

yarnpiggy said...


I know what you mean about boots...I have the full-on Sorels, and that's it. Fine for serious snow stomping, but not so great for office commutes (not that I'm doing that yet, but still...)

Tomorrow still good? Or I could try getting over there tonight...

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, love fresh untouched snow. Also, gaiters, totally cool. ;)

Anie said...

ok, i love how oulnked gaitors...that cracked me up. canadiana!!

Rabbitch said...

Rum. Cats. Snow. Knitting. doesn't get a lot better than that.

I'm at work hoping I make it home before the next onslaught. What do you bet I skid down the Keith Road Hill without stopping?