Sunday, May 1, 2011

May day! May day!

I went home for Easter weekend, and was scolded by more than one person for being so lax about posting. When I said "But I have nothing to post about! I haven't really been knitting much, there's nothing exciting going on..." my father very wisely (and stubbornly) pointed out that "nothing exciting" could mean an opportunity to appreciate the every-day that much more. 

(Also, I should note that after a weekend, when I ask my students what they did with their days off, they are not allowed to use the phrases "nothing much" or "nothing special"...I guess "nothing exciting" is rather along the same lines! So I'm not allowed to say it here. I've just banned that vocabulary from my blogging lexicon.)

And, it's not exactly entirely true! There have been many moments worth noting...just a problem getting myself to sit down & actually note them, especially having been out of the habit for so long. So. In order to get back into the habit, I'm calling May a blog-a-day month. I'll have to think of a decadent treat for myself if I succeed. Any suggestions would be welcome! (Other than yarn - been on a yarn diet for just over 4 months now, and don't want to break the momentum!)

Anyhoo. So. April. Not that exciting, but it had its moments! There were a few hours of sunshine in there somewhere, and the daffodils and magnolias and tulips all came out to play. The oregon grape shrub in our neighbour's back driveway bloomed, and the scent is delightful.

Also, we went to a really awesome concert: Robert Plant and his Band of Joy....AWESOME. SAUCE!

Very bad pic, but the mop of hair centre stage is Mr.Plant himself. I make no apologies for my state of mind (and...well...the state of my panties!) watching him perform.

He strode (but didn't strut) onto stage, looked around at his band, kicked the mike stand up & grabbed it mid-air, like he was still in his 20s on a stadium stage.  (Except that we were in a smallish theatre, and he just about took out the players on either side of him!)  The whole evening was fantastic. The band, of course, were all phenomenal players - and aptly named. Plant was coiled up like a little kid on Christmas morning, and he was clearly delighted to be doing this new rootsy-bluegrassy-alt-country thing.  They did do a few Zeppelin tunes, too, with their own flavour, which was cool, and well-done.

But my favourite part was when he would let the other musicians on stage take a song, to showcase their own music. Plant stepped back to a microphone by the drum kit and sang background vocals for them...He was obviously not used to being in that position, and if you knew what to look for, you could see that he was working hard to pay attention and sing his parts well (and probably having a hard time toning down his front-man energy!).  You could also see that he was having a total blast, and that he has a lot of joy in music left in him. He wasn't there as a Legend of Rock, but as someone who loves music, and thinks it's pretty frackin' cool that he gets to do it as a day job. 

And it was pretty frackin' cool that we got to be there to see it!  

So there you have it - an exciting moment in April. Must caffeinate now, and see about getting out to play in the sun!  Happy May Day!


Gary said...

Jerry Seinfield makes a career of celebrating nothing. May the 1st is the 40th year that your Mom and I met! "Nothing" vanished after that! Adventure remains!

Louisa said...

Good to see you back in Blogland, Erin!