Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Had a bit of an impulsive falling-down at the liquor store on payday. Went in for a bottle of wine for my book club (We did talk about the book....for about 15 minutes. I seem to recall lighting Sambuca on fire later in the evening, and singing along really loudly - and badly - to Tiffany and the Bangles...good times!)

Anyway. I was buying my bottle of wine, and saw a display for Granville Island's summer ale. I would have bought a 6 right then, but I was loaded down with coffee (JJ Bean is discontinuing my favourite roast e-var, so I sort of cleaned them out of what they had left...). Mr.Q kindly went out and fetched me some of the beer on Saturday, while I nursed a bit of a(n apocalyptic) hangover. 

I may have waited a day or two to actually crack a bottle, but it's So. Good. NOMS!:

And so very, very pretty!

Also, quite tasty: light, and tart. Not sweet at all, but still a clear hint of raspberry at the back of the tongue. Perfectly refreshing for a hot summer day.

If, that is, we ever get a hot summer day! Or even a sort of tepid one.

My pretty beer, in the 5 minutes of sunlight we had on the weekend:

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