Friday, March 9, 2007

All a-Google over you...

Wow. Technology continues to amaze me. (Yes, Dad, I'm admitting this in public! Aren't you proud that I've finally seen the light?) Mr.Q is currently on the phone with an old friend that he hasn't talked to in a LOOOOONG time. I'm hungry. It's almost 10:00 and we missed dinner coz we went to have a SHORT nap at 5:30...I am SO going to be awake till the middle of the night now!

So. I'm hungry, since we slept through dinnertime. Only one thing will satisfy in this situation: PIZZA. Once upon a time, I would have had to wait till Mr.Q was off the phone, fidgeting and squirming the whole time, probably caving in and making toast, and not having cash on hand to pay anyway, and that would have been that.

But not now! Now I can go on-line, "google" a pizza joint that will deliver to our neighbourhood (who will use MapQuest to find our house), use the cell-phone to call in our order, and use a remote debit machine to pay when it shows up at our door.

How did we manage when all this instant information and communication was not at our fingertips?! I like to tease my students - most of whom are quite a bit younger than I am - about the "Dinosaur Days" before the wide use of the Internet. It's such a useful tool...but I think it also feeds our cultural appetite for instant gratification. But I don't want to start philosophizing at this hour. I have to go check my bank balance on-line and decide which account will cover the pizza when it turns up. While I'm there, I might have to download their tax program. And maybe take some digital photos of the cats...

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