Saturday, March 17, 2007

Olfactory Orgasms

On my way home today, I enjoyed the sight of the cherry blossoms coming into full bloom. It's Cherry Blossom Festival time here, thanks to the significant Japanese influence (hooray!) and the trees are truly lovely. Though it does make me think of someone dumping a huge vat of Pink Elephant Popcorn from the sky, and the kernels getting stuck in all the branches....nonetheless, I love this season. It's beautiful, and it just smells good. Walking down the street under the canopy of cherries, the delicate scent of the blossoms is the perfect antidote to the rain.

(This isn't actually in my neighbourhood, but it looks pretty close. It's not a real picture of my neighbourhood, because A) I didn't have my camera with me; and B) this looks much nicer than cherry trees sodden in the frigging interminable rain. No, I'm not bitter about the weather; why do you ask?)

Anyway, between the ocean smells and the green smells and now the cherry's like an instant multiple orgasm for the nose. What fun!

(Did I mention the freakin' RAIN?!)

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