Monday, March 19, 2007

The Bouzouki's other knee

Mr. Q made dinner tonight! Which is a rather unusual event here at Chez Quimby, so it was quite a treat. Also, it tasted very good. And I managed to stay out of the kitchen for most of it, thereby reducing the stress factor for both of us. I believe a chicken casserole of some kind is on the menu for Thursday, or so he said. And he's expressed an interest in making tacos next week.

I want to know just WHAT the aliens did to my husband, and who is this replacement in my house, and can I keep him? I promise to feed and walk him...

Monday having been blessedly uneventful, and there being banana muffins to bake and laundry to fold (and a band staying here again tomorrow night but with more than the 2 hours notice given last week!) I'll distract you from my lack of interesting content with pictures:

A catpile (I don't dare use the more odious term "dog" pile, whatever the resemblance!)

A hard day's night....

And for Rabbitch, a shot of the Blanket Of Doom - you see why Bagheera needed to save me from it. Whew!


Anie said...

where have i been! oh me oh my! so good to see the cats grinning and dinners made by DH..yipee for it all. As for me, new organic wine in the glass. yum

Rabbitch said...

Beautiful cats! And good, good Baghera ... that blanket is frightening.

I have a huge weakness for orange cats. In fact I might be willing to trade my husband for one that fights blankets.

He cooks, too! (The husband. Likely not the cat).