Thursday, March 22, 2007

What's wrong with this picture? (Or, why I might have to give up wearing deodorant if I don't get some effing sleep!)

I am tired. TIRED. I have not had an uninterrupted night's sleep in a week. Between cats and Mr.Q's rock&roll fantasy (and the crazy hours that come with it) and sirens and trains and cargo cranes and the landlord calling LATE last night from Whistler (could I go check on the pump in the drainage trench he's dug in the back yard trying to get this flooded-basement-which-happens-to-be-our-apartment-problem under control?) and so on....I haven't had the greatest sleep the last week.

I am tired enough that when I went for coffee this morning at work, I announced (jokingly, I thought) that I should go get caffeine before I "ate somebody's head"...apparently I sounded a little more serious than I thought. (I also may have said "fuck" in front of a student....ooops!)

To top it all off, I wore a black T-shirt today. Which turned out to be a bad idea. Can you guess why?

Here's another hint:

Yes, I had to wear it like that all day. Because wearing it inside out looked moderately better than turning it right-side-out and going around with big ol' chalky-looking pit-stick stains around my dainty under-arms.

(Ask me how freaking brilliant I felt.....!)


Sarah from the Kootenays said...

Welcome to my sleep-deprived world big sister. Don't worry, just a few more nights and your brain will start attempting to make itself feel better without sleep. That's when it gets fun. It's kinda like being on drugs all the time without doing anything illegal. And the great thing is if you start to come down you just have to pull an all nighter! It's cheap AND easy!

Anie said...

soon to be a distant memory.
until then..ever had valerian root?

Rebecca M. said...

Funny...I hope you are sleeping better! I do things like that just in my normal day to days.