Sunday, March 25, 2007

Shhh! Be vewy qwiet!

Since it wasn't raining this morning (gasp!) I decided to take a walk down to a park very near our house. VERY near, the western-most part of the park is maybe 300-400 metres from our house....but since the train tracks and port-access road are in between, we have to walk around to the eastern side of the park, about a kilometre. Not a big deal at all, but kind of funny. Here's the house, from the closest point of the park (the flat-roofed one with the tree right in the middle):

It was a bit chillier than I'd expected, but nice and brisk and soooooo goood to be outside and dry, and not wondering if I might sprout gills or webbed feet or find moss on north side. The sky to the south-west (my, we're all about compass points today!):

About par for the course lately: gloomy, grey, heavy clouds. But if you look to the north-east, and stand very, very still, and make no sudden moves or loud noises to frighten it, you might just see this:

Look! BLUE SKY! A little SUNSHINE, even, reflected on the water. Woohoo!

I am WAY too easy to please! My afternoon will be a bit more exciting: meeting the gals for knitting, and grocery shopping. Why is grocery shopping exciting? Well, because Mr.Q has announced that he will be making tacos for dinner tomorrow night. (If you saw the way he used to make grilled cheese sandwiches, his previous culinary best - you would be as impressed as I am.) And I am impressed. I tease him a little, but he's making a herculean effort to learn to cook, and he's doing very well at it.

He comes home tonight - yay! He's been staying at his drummer's place all weekend, since they've been in the studio till about 5 A.M. the last two nights. I saw him for about 3 hours yesterday when I picked him up to go to a wedding reception downtown. We rushed home from the studio, where I had a change of clothes all ready to go for him - we were on a VERY tight schedule - and I was helping him change his socks and pants while he brushed his teeth; putting his wallet and keys into his pockets while he buttoned up his shirt; getting his shoes together while he brushed his hair.

(Before you think that's maybe a little weird: we "met" (the second time, really, but the junior high-school encounters are another story!) doing community theatre together. At one point during a play, I had to help him with a very speedy costume change backstage. So we're old hands at that kind of thing. It was nice to see we hadn't lost our touch. Dad, I hope you're proud!)

Six minutes. We were in and out of the house, washed, brushed and changed, in six minutes. HAH! We're so good. And we even found (free!) parking downtown within a block from the restaurant. HAH again!

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Rebecca M. said...

It's beautiful there - I am loving having more sun - I hope for lots for you, as well!