Monday, November 12, 2007

Long weekends rock! (Or, more accurately, they "folk"!)

We've had a very nice long weekend. Rather busy, but in a good "making order from chaos while still sleeping in a little and hanging out in coffee shops and maybe baking cookies" kind of way. Finished a hat this weekend, from not-quite-one-skein of Malabrigo, pattern of my own devising:

I'm 'specially pleased with the decreases, which were more challenging than I ought to admit. But I wanted the purl-y bits to kind of merge into the rest, and I'm rather impressed that I managed to figure it out with minimal tinking. (Not to be confused with minimal thinking. Coz there was a lot of that!)

I'm mostly quite pleased with it, except it's supposed to match a scarf I've just started, same yarn, same colourway (Azul Profundo) - but there are about 17 shades of difference between the skeins, so they match the way my cutlery does. Which is NOT. Oh well! Another reason to glory in thwarting the fashion police!

Meanwhile, the cats have managed to illustrate just about perfectly the mood of the weekend:

Except there's been rather less head licking between the human residents of our wee abode. Though with the cookies (choc chip) there's been a bit of spoon-licking. More calories, fewer furballs. I guess that's the trade-off.


Anonymous said...

I love the hat! I have yet to attempt one - so I'm impressed! The cats are adorable

Anonymous said...

bootiful hat - I am very impressed and maybe in my old age I will learn to knit..

Anonymous said...

BTW - you've been tagged