Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh no! Anything but THAT!

I was just on the phone with a friend, who informed me that there's a new weather warning in effect for Vancouver. Wanting to be informed, and having experienced some of the extreme weather here, especially winds, I thought I should investigate. Imagine my shock and consternation, upon going to the Weather Network and discovering that we in Vancouver are...(gasp!)...under a snowfall warning. In the city,we've been told to expect the terrifying total of - are you ready for this?! - up to FIVE CENTIMETRES. Five. (That's 2 inches for the Americans out there.)


(Now, I recognize that people in Whistler, and on the Island, and even on the North Shore, will actually probably get a decent amount of snow.) But in the city of Vancouver itself...puh-leeze! 5 centimetres! The problem is that a lot of people here (read: a lot of drivers) forget that we live in Canada (The Great White North, after all!) where we do occasionally get S-N-O-W. So the cause for concern isn't so much the snow itself - and I will concede that it can be slippery - but that a lot of people don't know how to manage in it.

So 2 inches just might be enough to shut the city down. While the rest of Canada laughs in our general direction.


(Having said all this, and being the smartass that I am - we'll get a foot of it now, and I'll have to eat my words. That's OK. It doesn't change the truth!)


Ari said...

Down here (Alabama) 2 inches is enough to shut down the entire city - and cause a shortage of bread and milk. I have no idea why everyone buys bread and milk - if you lose power then your milk will go bad...gotta love the South

Adrielle said...

Whenever someone laughs at us Vancouverites about our reaction to snow, reply with the fact it's a different kind of snow. It's wet and sloppy and turns slippery really fast. It's like the snow that Edmonton gets in the late spring, and then, even they have a hard time with it. That, with the fact that we are just not prepared (as a citizen or as a city) make for disasters.

Li'l Polar Bear said...

Unfortunately, 50 mm of snow is enough to cause 50 accidents. In my area, the snow never really stuck. A bunch of slush is what I got.