Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The people that you meet, when you're walking down the street....

So I'm sitting in my usual spot for lunch, on the sofa in the lobby of the school, with the window behind me. One of my co-workers, looking out the window, says "I wonder who all those people are?"

I look outside, and see a couple dozen people walking up the sidewalk with some flags and banners, but I don't recognize the symbols. "Huh. I wonder what they're protesting," I said, thinking they were a little nuts to be doing it at lunchtime in the freezing rain. But hey, when the world needs saving, you don't wait for the weather to co-operate, especially in Vancouver in the late fall. So, kudos to them.

A moment later, another group with more of the banners followed. Then another, like they'd been separated by traffic lights. Then I said, "My Mom's in town for a union conference. Wouldn't it be funny if that was them?"

Then I saw Mom walking with the next bunch.

So of course I grabbed my jacket and ran downstairs & outside to catch up with her. I walked with her for a couple of blocks. They were marching up to Sears, who have apparently been evil to their employees (so don't shop there!).

I love that I had a spontaneous, random encounter with my mother at a protest march on my lunch break. Sounds like something out of a movie or from one of those surreal Latin American novellas.

Off to eat cheese, drink wine, and indulge in chocolate while Jel & I discuss the relative merits of aquafit classes. Ah, the irony! I loves it.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed you walking with us yesterday but it wasn't as exciting as linking arms with you and a hundred other people and sitting on the ground in front of the Hyatt surrounded by our friendly neighbourhood police. - not nearly the adrenaline rush

Mrs.Q said...

The adrenaline rush at the Hyatt for me was not so much the riot cops in full gear, as watching you face them down, and thinking "Oh, shit. If Mom gets deported, Dad's going to kill me!"

But now that you're a Canuck, I don't have to worry! You go ahead and get arrested all you want!

Rebecca said...

oh, I want some cheese! nice that you got to see your mom - another lovely treat.