Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Mewses

I haven't posted any cat pics in awhile, and I'm sure certain paternal members of my family are jonesing for a feline fix (also, there is nothing else at all to tell you about, except maybe the grilled-cheese-and-tomato sandwich I had for dinner, and watching Firefly re-runs...) So. Meow Mix:

The Happy Couple - note Bagheera's paw around Brigid's shoulders:

Aren't they sweet?

What you don't see is Bagheera (fixed Bagheera!) trying to mount the kitten a few minutes later. And getting his semi-geriatric arse whupped. I do wish they'd figure out who's Alpha Cat! 3 of the beasties in the house, and nobody wants the job.

Singe, resting after a rough night of providing for the household:

(Note the ugly UBC library chairs in the back. Which are now gone! All gone! Have I mentioned my new IKEA chairs? I love them! I'm suddenly eating meals at the table again!)

And all three of them (with Mr.Q's leg) taking a nap after a rough day of napping:

I'm rather pleased that the cooler weather has allowed the re-mergence of the RocknRoll quilt...A courting gift from me to Mr.Q, many moons ago. A good way to use up a few of his kajillions of band/music t-shirts. (The thing is huge - bigger than king-sized, and heavy, with a double layer of cotton batting inside. Sometimes I think I had to marry him just coz I couldn't part with the quilt, after so much work.)

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Barb said...

I love your kitties. Don't they make life under that quilt even more fun? That quilt, by the way, is unbelievably cool.

And, um, not to be all biased or anything, but was there ever a sweeter breed of cat than the orange tabby?