Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sushi Monkeys

I can't believe it's already Sunday night! I can't believe it's going to be December on Friday! I know I spend a lot of time boggling at the speedy passage of time. It's because it moves so darned fast!

Part of the weekend was spent visiting with my Mom, who stayed with us on Friday night. We went out to see one of Mr.Q's bands play at Hoko's Japanese House. Hoko's is a sushi bar/karaoke lounge that thinks it's part of the set for Saturday Night Fever, and has become one of the hottest venues in town for live music. (Let's not mention all the venues that have shut down due to pre-2010-Olympic development, oh no!) Anyway, Hoko's is fun. And their disco-light ball is hilarious. Actually, there are two. Which is even funnier.

Somehow, it was decided that I would be the designated driver, and Mom & Mr.Q had rather a few drinks. Which was fine with me, since they were having too much fun to gang up on me - something that often happens when they're together. (I suppose I shouldn't complain that he gets along so well with my family, but I do sometimes wish it wasn't at my expense!)

When the night was over, I took my usual place standing "bear watch" over the van while the band loaded their gear. Mom kept me company, and we were treated to the best organic television, a la "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom: Mating Dance of the Sushi Monkeys." A young couple were outside engaged in something which couldn't be described as anything as tasteful as a "Courting Ritual." This was a mating dance, full on. He was doing some kind of weird jumping-around-while-hunched-over thing. For a long time. I was half-expecting him to sprout coloured feathers from his arse. She was jumping around too, until she realized we were watching. Maybe the giggles alerted her. Or the commentary. The whole scenario was highly diverting.

As compensation for making me drive (which is an issue, not just coz I wanted another Strongbow, but coz I hate driving) Mom made apple-cinnamon pancakes for breakfast the next morning. She kind of reminds me of those women you see on soap operas, where they put on heels and sparklies and perfect lip liner before they take a shower. Not. However, her apron is way cooler than any you'll see on a daytime soap, don't you think?

The pancakes were very tasty. Then my sister came into town and we went Christmas shopping. Blarg! It's still November. There's no snow. It was rather strange to be Christmas shopping. But also it was a beautiful day to be walking around, poking into cool little shops.

Mom'll be in town a few more days, and I'm getting a kick out of our next planned encounter - in quite the role reversal, she'll be bringing her laundry to do at my house! Weird!


Barb said...

This was hilarious. Love the monkies.

My mom is visiting, too. I mostly, mostly love her visits. She loves my husband, too. More than me. Not hat I'm bitter. Much.

Rebecca said...

I keep getting hungry reading your post - and watching monkeys - too funny. I have to admit that I find it a bit amusing to embarrass people by noticing what they are doing. Apple pancakes...yum!