Monday, December 24, 2007

90 Minutes of my life that I'll never get back

Tonight, after being badgered for days, I finally gave in and said yes, I would watch a movie that Mr.Q has wanted to see for some time. I wish I hadn't. Do any of us really need to see a 25-year-old cheesy sci-fi movie, starring a shrill, pre-16-Candles Molly Ringwald? (Trust me, you don't!)

Honestly. I could have been doing something so much better with my time. Like vacuuming, or having that dental work I've been putting off. Or playing in traffic. Oy!

I did get a fair bit done on a mitten, though. I had the shocking realization that I have nothing really warm for my hands. Shocking! A knitter, with no mittens at all! Not even store-bought ones. So I decided to remedy that. I've got some fun yarn (Noro something-or-other) and am making good progress.

Especially considering that I've never knit mitts, and I don't feel like trying to find/decipher a pattern. I figure I should know enough by now about the basics of knitting that I can wing a pair of mitts. I'm having great fun at the moment! It's kind of liberating, really. Though we'll see if it's that much fun when I try to figure out how to get the thumb & cables to line up on the opposite hand.

I'm feeling kind of rebellious, actually. Damn it all, I'm going to knit by my rules! Neener neener!

(I'm also noticing a distracting tendency to want to put a "K" in front of all words beginning with the letter "N". (Knoticing my Knew Kneedles....) I wonder what that's all about.)

Meanwhile, I've been hosting a Beanie Bunny. Which anybody who knows me knows is weird - I am so not a stuffed animal kind of gal! However, Floppity isn't just any stuffed animal; she's kind of an easier-to-mail version of those travelling garden gnomes. Though she hasn't been kidnapped, but sent all over the place since she left her home in Germany. She got here from Arizona just in time to enjoy our green Christmas, before I send her off to Quebec. Today was wonderfully & unexpectedly sunny, so we took her out to see our neighbourhood. First, though, we did a pic in front of our wee tree:

Then a little tree-climbing:

And to see the mountains & Burrard Inlet, and the port:

I'm not sure if it was the rich sea air that caught up with her, or too much rum & eggnog, but she was a little unbalanced by the end of our excursion, letting her ears all hang out:
I certainly hope she behaves at Christmas dinner tomorrow! Speaking of it time for bed yet? How soon will it be tomorrow? Mr.Q won't let me open my stocking yet. Also, he keeps asking if I want my present now, and when I'm just about to say yes, he tells me too bad, I have to wait. Stinker! I'm going to wake him up super-early.
We still don't have a Christmas worm. I'm a little worried about that. It's just not Christmas without one! I picked up some origami paper yesterday. Does anybody know how to do an origami worm?


Rabbitch said...

Do I want to know what a Christmas worm is?

Best wishes to you and Mr. Q. for a fun-filled and restful (if that's not an oxymoron) day tomorrow!

Sarah, Grand-Dutchess of Serendipity said...

I am going to guess that to make an oragami worm you just roll.

As for the movie, I too am married to a "let's watch this obscure old movie that probably started bad and didn't age well" guy. And short of gouging out your inner eye, there is no way to make the horrible flashbacks stop.