Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yarn P*rn

In anticipation of an enforced yarn diet in the new year (ugh! I hate to use such foul language, but sometimes it's the only way to really get your point across!) I have had a couple of fallings-down.

But first, a finished object, pair of fingerless gloves in luscious Blue Sky Alpaca.

They're for my sister, the pattern is my own wing-it variation on Fetching. She mocked me when I made Fetching for myself...and then called me a couple weeks ago to apologize, her office was really cold, could I make her a pair? Being such a good big sister, of course I said yes. Being the older sister, I reserve the right to bug her a little for it. So I'm calling them "I Told You So." I've said, Mr.Q and I are scaling back the Christmas thing this year. Instead of buying each other gifts, we agreed that we could each take out a bit of an allowance, and do something for ourselves. And since he loves shopping for records as much I enjoy hanging out in yarn stores - the self-shopping was part of the fun! Conveniently, his favourite record shop is about 4 blocks away from my favourite yarn store. So we took a couple of hours last weekend, and had a bit of playtime in our respective little havens.

When we met up again, he had a collection of obscure vinyl. I had three skeins of Dream in Colour Smooshy sock yarn. Really, how can you resist a sock yarn named "Smooshy"? I actually walked around the store, squishing it and making sound effects: "Smoosh, smoosh." One of the reasons I love knitters is that every person in the store understood, or at least accepted it without comment.

And honestly - a colourway called In Vino Veritas? Please! It was calling my name! Isn't it sexy?

Everything that I've seen on Ravelry with this yarn generally, and this colourway in particular, has been lovely. I can't wait to play with it!

Though it may have some competition for my attention, thanks to Rabbitch. Evil, evil bunny! I likes her. She dyed some merino and called it Raspberry Beret. Being a child of the '80s, I was compelled by the ghosts of my shoulder pads to indulge. We met for coffee last night, and she hooked me up:

It's just about as smooshy as the Smooshy. And when I pulled it out of the bag, my first instinct was to smell it - it looks like it should smell like rasperries. The funny thing is, it's not just me. When I got home & showed Mr.Q, the first thing he did was smell it! We loves it, we does, our preciousssss!


Ari said...

I love the Raspberry Berret yarn!! Its gorgeous! and looks tasty!

Oh - I've tagged you....

Rabbitch said...

I'm so glad you like it.

Uh, you can't look at my store for a few weeks, k? There's nothing coming in that you'd like.