Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Just for fun!

Despite my best efforts, I caved when Mr.Q requested pizza for dinner. He convinced me by offering to run to the store to pick up a couple things (like dishsoap, which we are out of - I've been forgetting to buy it for a week or more, and he rinsed the last bit out of the bottle last night trying to get through supper dishes) The pizza would take about 40 minutes, he reasoned. Enough time to run to the store and back; meanwhile, I could relax and catch up on some blog reading.

The pizza came a little faster than expected, and Mr.Q wasn't back yet. I waited a few minutes...maybe he ran into a friend, maybe the line-ups were long at the store...and of course, he didn't have his cell phone with him. I figured I'd give him another 15 minutes before I started to worry.

About 13 minutes later, he called from the drugstore. The van wouldn't start. In fact, he'd had trouble starting it before he left the house, and no, it wan't the battery. He was pretty sure it was the starter. Could I call a tow truck?

I put his pizza in the oven. I am eyeing his cheap, crappy beer. (Wait! I have tequila! Be right back....)

Aaah! That's better. A wee sip, in the sheepy shotglass that Jel brought me from Ireland...

The guy at the towing company was very nice. He called me "dear" several times, but not in a patronizing, annoying kind of way. More like a sympathetic uncle. We've had good luck with tow truck drivers. We met a very nice one on our honeymoon, but that's another story. (The guy at the brake shop was also very sweet, as was the guy that looked at our was a looong trip, in some ways!)

In fact, maybe I'll just take my tequila and sit in the corner, thinking about the nice tow truck driver that we met on our honeymoon. When our car died at Bridal Falls.

That will be much nicer than thinking about a new starter and all the other work we need to do on the van this month. You know, because we have so much fracking money to throw around!

(Yes, Rabbitch, I still want that yarn. I'll go so far as to say that I need that yarn. It's still a lot cheaper than therapy!)

I'm going to go comfort myself with the knowledge that at least my basement isn't flooding. Yet.

(But I did just spill a bit of tequila on the keyboard...whoops! Hey, I'm just sanitizing it, alright?)


Anonymous said...

Did you make the drink in your picture? remind me to tell you about my new favorite drink..the Cantarita...and has tequlia in it.


Rabbitch said...

Oh dear. Yes, you need that yarn quite badly.

Will the starter from my van fit in yours? Feel free to cannibalize it for any parts that might work. Mine's never going to move again.

Sarah, Grand-Dutchess of Serendipity said...

Aw love! I'm so sorry. I'll go ahead and have a shot for you to be supportive. Bottoms up!

Barb said...

I'm so sorry about this. There is just nothing worse than car trouble and all that money on something that is a neccesity but evil. I could send you some tequila from Texas if you want. It's pretty cheap here...

Anonymous said...

I am having some tequila too in sympathy and support.....and I want to know how to make the cantarita altho sipping good tequila is very nice...sorry to hear about the van - I hope the res ten stuff is useful. call if you have ??