Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chipmunks roasting on an open fire....

I've come up with (or been handed) a few great titles for posts over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I remember none of them - I'm going to have to start writing them down as they occur! And even if I could remember one (or more), it's not like I've had much to write about. (I mean really, how much do you care about the correct use of the present perfect passive vs. the present progressive passive? Now, don't sound so excited all at once!)

I started the round of holiday celebrating last Friday, with our school Christmas party. For some reason, the powers-that-be think it's a good idea for our (adult!) students to get a taste of that strange entity, the Christmas Concert.

Which leads to such oddities as a class full of "Elvises" with blue construction-paper sideburns, or Frosty the Snowman doing a pole dance...or, as with my class, a choreographed dance to an ABBA cover band's version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. For the record, they decided to dance instead of sing, and they worked the whole thing out themselves. I came back from a coffee break one morning, to find they'd broken the song down into verses and instrumental breaks on the whiteboard. Further, in a very fine display of stickman art, they had illustrated the routine they'd worked out. I let them run with it, and they had a blast. They also gave the best performance of the school. Not that I'm biased!

We're having an abbreviated class tomorrow, and then a wee classroom party. In the interest of immersing them completely in a Canadian Christmas Experience (minus the snow!) I'm going to show them The Grinch. And I've spent a good chunk of time tonight putting together little containers of seasonal baking for them.

I'd originally thought I'd just use some of the festive cello bags I had left from last year....but our unit this week involved a lot of discussion about global warming and recycling and yada yada yada. So. I realized I couldn't give them cookies in disposable plastic bags. I went out last night and bought a whack of reusable sandwich containers to use instead. The process therefore involved a lot more washing of dishes than I'd intended. But at least my conscience is clear! And also, they won't hassle me about it. I asked them all to bring their own dishes & cutlery from home, to try to make it a "zero waste" party. We'll see just how well it goes!

And after...our own staff lunch party. Which is traditionally followed by two of the marketing team involving some of the staff in an odd game of one-up-manship...through karaoke. I do wonder how much self-respect I'll have intact by the end of the day. I wonder how much I'll really care! I will remember to have cab fare on hand, though; I 'spect I might not be able to manage transit by the end of it!

Ooops! I'm late for my dose of rum & eggnog. Best take care of that!

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Ari said...

the party and dance routine sound awesome!! I wish you had a video of the performance!