Monday, December 31, 2007

No, you're not crazy - you really are hearing "The Lonely Goatherd"

I am not really a particularly superstitious person, but I do believe that intention and self-fulfilling prophecy go a long way. To that end, I try to spend New Year's Day in such a way as to set the tone for the next year. Which means that I don't want to spend it cooking and cleaning, or in a messy house! So Mr.Q & I spent the better part of this morning tidying up and sorting out (his!) piles. I picked up some croissants for breakfast tomorrow, and took some chicken out of the freezer - we're going to sleep in, have a tasty breakfast, go for a walk if the weather permits, and generally spend the day relaxing and enjoying ourselves the best we can.

Upon completing my share of the chores, I went out to meet some gal pals for a knit-up at The Laughing Bean. I had the last eggnog latte of the season...sigh! It was very tasty. We were talking about all kinds of interesting things - New Year's Eve plans, music, yarn, knitting retreats, wine, chocolate, whether the end of the thumb on my newly-completed mitten looks like a nipple or not...when I heard the strangest thing over the cafe's stereo.

Yodelling. More specifically, the yodelling bits from "The Lonely Goatherd" puppet show sequence in The Sound of Music. I was confused...this was a pop song of sorts, was I really hearing what I thought I was hearing? Yes, my musical companions said, I was really hearing what I thought I was hearing. No, I was not going crazy. (Though maybe it would be better if I were!) Apparently it was a Gwen Stefani song which includes a sample from The Lonely Goatherd.

Shows you just how into pop culture and contemporary music I am! I got the Sound of Music right off, but hadn't a clue about the Gwen Stefani part of the song. And you know what? I'm OK with that. I like The Sound of Music, and am much more likely (and would prefer!) to be caught singing Do-Re-Mi out loud on the bus, than anything by Ms. Stefani.

Now that I've exposed (and revelled in!) my unhipness - I'm going to go get ready for my hopping New Year's Eve....card games at a friend's house. Whoop whoop!

Wherever y'all are tonight, and whatever you get up to - here's hoping it's with good people, and everyone gets home safe. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

I love the Picture!

Happy New Year's

Love Ya


Rabbitch said...


I love Gwen Stefani. As for The Sound of Music? Hate it with a passion. I always want to stand up and scream to the Nazis that the family is hiding behind the cart.

Will you still let me come and have coffee at The Bean with you? Even after all that?

Clearly you're a saint.

Best wishes to you and Mr. Q for the coming year. Me? I'm ringing the bells at work. Just call me Quasimodo.

no-blog-rachel said...

I've heard it refered to as 'The Sound of Mucus'.

And damnit, now I've got Lonely Goatherd running through my head!

Barb said...

You, too, dear one. You, too. I think 2008 will be the best year ever.