Sunday, December 30, 2007

TGFGTO, and such

Thank Goodness For Greek Take-Out!

Seems I've had an overwhelming need to hibernate the last few days, and I'm rather grateful that I've been able to indulge. I've mostly been reading, definitely not cooking, and am glad there's a reasonable Greek restaurant in the neighbourhood!

Not much going on - planning for a pretty mellow New Year's Eve, I think. Mr.Q is playing a testosterone-y gig in a bar that I'm not fond of, so we won't be spending the evening together. Nothing new! Something I learned early on about life with a musician - no date for New Year's!

However, I felt I had to post today, even just briefly...It being my One Year Blogiversary, I kind of figured I should acknowledge it. I'm going to have a celebratory glass of eggnog (sans rum; there's been enough of that the past month, and I'll save it for tomorrow!) and maybe make cookies for Mr.Q, who's been awfully sweet today, dancing attendance and doing the dishes while I laze about.

Happy New Year's Eve Eve!


no-blog-rachel said...

Happy New Year and Happy Blogiversary!

It's our dog's birthday today so we'll be having chinese food with him tonight, and in general keeping it low key. Though we do have a bottle of something sparkly chilling in case we decide to really go wild (which in our case means my having half a glass and falling asleep while knitting).

Ann said...

Happy blogiversary! May the next year be filled with lovely knitting and much happiness.