Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bloody Hell. Literally.

I was going to post all about our lovely weekend away, complete with pictures to make you all jealous.

But I started catching up on my blog reading, first, and came across a reference to this in Rabbitch's latest post.

Suddenly the tasty sausages and the emus are ridiculously trivial.

Go, read, get angry, do something. And let me know if you have any brilliant ideas, coz I'm too upset to think beyond letters to my Member of Parliament, and my Prime Minister. Which I've written.

Do I have much faith that it will work? I dunno. But it's what I can do at the moment, so I've done it. And I've seen what can be done when a lot of people do their little bit. So please - however ineffectual it may seem, do your little bit. Write a letter, pass the link on, light a candle. Just do something other than keeping silent.

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