Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chewing chips and stealing wax, and malfunctioning underthings

Today was an interesting day. Tomorrow being a stat holiday, all three of my classes had tests today. It makes for a long day for everybody, but I tried to make it up to them by getting them hopped up on Easter chocolate.

(No pun intended, but now that I see it in writing, it amuses me, and so I'll leave it.)

One of the bags of chocolate I had brought was full of mini Reese's cups, all cutely wrapped in pastel-coloured tin foil. During the short break between afternoon classes, I thought a taste of chocolate would be just the thing to perk me up, as I dashed around, scattering papers and looking busy. I unwrapped it, and absent-mindedly put it in my mouth without really looking at it, thinking:

"Huh. I didn't realize they were dark chocolate Reese's. I wonder what they'll taste like."

Like paper, that's what. Like the little black paper cup that all Reese's come in. Duh.

Got through the rest of the afternoon OK, remembered some unfinished photocopying at the last minute (which would have been interesting, come class time on Tuesday!), and headed off to the bus only a quarter of an hour or so past my usual time. Not a bad start to a long weekend!

As I turned the corner onto the street where I catch the bus, there was one at the stop, about a half-block away. Shite! But somebody was standing at the door, talking to the bus driver - definitely worth running for it. So I did.

(To the lady texting while walking - I'm sorry I almost knocked you over when you weren't watching where you were going. My apologies.)


I got to the bus just as the driver was about to close the doors. Score! He gave me kind of a funny look as I got on, but some bus drivers are just odd like that.

I realized, as I sat down, that in my mad dash for the bus, one of my girls had jumped clear out of her moorings. Thankfully I was wearing a dark, solid T-shirt. Not nearly as dramatic a wardrobe malfunction as poor Janet had. Even so, it must have looked more than a little odd (and lop-sided!).

I'm just glad no innocent bystanders were injured.