Friday, March 21, 2008

Run away! Run away! (Also: my 200th post!)

I was up a little too late last night to be awake this early. And I'm not even making coffee, coz I don't want to open a new bottle of cream, only to have it sit unused all weekend & then have to throw it away on Sunday. So I'm sucking it up for a little while longer, till I can justify hauling Mr.Q's arse out of bed and we can head for the ferry.

We've got books, knitting, guitars, and wooly socks packed up. Something other than pajamas for dinner at the fancy-shmancy Italian pizza place tomorrow. Cheese, chocolate, and fruit (in that order!). Rather a lot of sauce to go with the goodies.

(Difficult decision in the liquor store the other day: "Do I want wine, or Baileys...or wine-and-Baileys?" We went with the wine-and-baileys-and-strongbow combo for me, cheap crappy beer for Mr.Q. His choice. Don't ask me.)

I've got my comfiest pink flannel nightie packed - perfect for spending two days in - and a strong likelihood of crappy weather ahead of us. Which means no hiking (boo!) but more time for lounging, reading, knitting, napping, Advanced Cuddling (*ahem*), and generally doing Sweet F**k All (yay!).

We're both quite excited by the prospect of getting OUT of the city for a couple of days. Bowen Island is only 20 minutes by ferry, and you can see a good part of the mainland from the eastern edge of the island...So I was very careful to choose a cottage that was elsewhere, with no view of the city.

The last 3 months have been more than a little frenetic - the lead-up to releasing the new CD, the subsequent fall-out of the band's toxic implosion (with business arrangements yet to be dealt with from that, blech), and Mr.Q's new project: editorship of a new local music 'zine/paper/thingy. Very busy, often stressful, sometimes painful, more often rather exciting, and certainly never dull!

So a couple of days away are much-needed, and I'm awfully glad we've decided to do this, instead of being so "sensible" all time. Feh! Why not have a little fun once in awhile? I mean, it's not like the phone bill's going anywhere, whether we go away or not. So - what the heck! Onward Ho!

Have a good weekend! Miss me!


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Rebecca said...

Oh, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I am really craving a weekend get-away.